The Consortium for Clinical Education and Practice was formed in May 2008 (originally called The Triangle Clinical Consortium) to identify, prioritize and address clinical placement issues for nursing students in the Triangle Region of North Carolina. Clinical and academic partners meet regularly to address undergraduate nursing clinical capacity issues, facilitate placement of nursing students in the region, and standardize the credentialing process.

Instructions for Core Orientation:

Please be sure to refresh your web browser. On the left side of this page, click on the second item, Core Orientation.

CCEP focuses on 3 key areas:
- Phase 1- Implementation of Standard Clinical Student/Faculty
- Phase 2- Standardization for Clinical Criteria Tracking
- Phase 3- Standardization for Clinical Placements  

Updates to the 2023-2024 Core Orientation Presentation

New Resource Guide that lists all links included in the Core Orientation. The links are throughout the slide deck and only accessed from the Resource Guide provided.

Instructions for obtaining certificate of completion:

Click the DONE button at the bottom of the test result page.

Once you click the "DONE" button below, there will be a link to your certificate on the Thank You page. Make sure to click that link and download your blank certificate before closing your browser.Download the copy of the blank certificate, open the certificate from the downloaded location on your computer, type in your name and date of completion, save this document before uploading. Submit the signed and dated certificate to the academic adviser or coordinator, online database or healthcare agency as required.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • At the end of the video,click on the link to proceed to the Evaluation.
  • Read the instructions carefully on the first page of the questions.
  • Complete the questions and evaluation, click done to proceed to the Test Results.
  • Click done again to proceed to the PDF Blank Certificate.
  • Download the blank certificate to your computer.
  • Open the downloaded blank certificate (found in downloads on your computer). 
  • Type in your name and date of completion.
  • Save the certificate with your name and date of completion.
  • Upload certificate to appropriate database or print the document.
  • Turn in to the academic site coordinator if required.
  • If you have special needs, contact your academic coordinator for instructions.
  • Note that there is new content in the core orientation and information found in the links is included in the post test.

Questions and comments may be addressed to Kathy Clark, MS, RN, kgclark@wakeahec.org