Faculty Development

Four courses are offered in an online format. Each four-week course is offered once a year and is taught by NCSU faculty in the Department of Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education, College of Education.

Wake AHEC will provide CNE Contact Hours to nursing participants upon completion of the activity. Other health professionals will receive Wake AHEC CEUs and a certificate of attendance. Graduate level academic credit is available when completing 3 of the 4 courses per NCSU guidelines.

Foundations of Teaching in Healthcare includes content in regulatory requirements, professional aspects (teacher roles, finding a mentor), educational learning theories, and an overview of curriculum development.

Teaching Effectively within the Curriculum includes concepts centered on the teacher-describing your teaching philosophy, effective teaching, servant teaching, the learner-learning styles, learner centeredness, learner objectives and the evaluation of learning objectives and syllabus for effective clinical and classroom teaching.

Instructional Strategies for Educators in the Health Professions includes how to: establish a learning environment, create a teaching plan, design an engaging lesson, teach psychomotor skills and support authentic learning.

Evaluation of Students and Faculty in Healthcare Education includes student outcome evaluations, types of student evaluation tools, assignment of grades and faculty growth from evaluations.

For more information, contact Kathy Clark at kgclark@wakeahec.org.

To apply for graduate level credit in the NCSU Workforce and Human Resource Education programs applicants must:

  1. Successfully complete the following three AHEC online courses: Foundations of Teaching in Healthcare, Teaching Effectively within the Curriculum, and Instructional Strategies for Educators in the Health Professions.
  2. Apply for admission to NCSU through NCSU Distance Education portal: http://distance.ncsu.edu/apply-and-enroll/
  3. Enroll in EAC 580 section 601 in either the fall or spring semesters through MYPack Portal. (Instructions will be given upon applying for admission to NCSU.)
  4. Once you have enrolled in the course, please contact Dr. Diane Chapman, the T&D Distance Education Director via email: diane_chapman@ncsu.edu . Once you are enrolled in EAC 580 you will be asked to submit a brief dossier that includes:
    1. The evaluated Teacher’s Resource Guides (TRGs) you developed in the three AHEC courses listed above. Be sure to submit only the TRGs that you received an evaluation or other feedback from your instructor.
    2. A one-two page summary of lessons learned from the three courses you completed. The summary may address each course separately or you may choose to synthesize your learning from all three courses. Your instructor for EAC 580 will provide you with guidance for this requirement.

Upon submission and evaluation of the dossier by NCSU faculty you will be eligible to receive 3 hours of graduate level credit for EAC 580: Designing Instructional Systems in Training and Development.

Note that this course may be applied to the MEd in Training & Development (http://tdonline.ncsu.edu/programs/medonline.html) or the MS in Human Resource Education.