Preparing for College

  1. Talk to people who are working in a health profession. Ask them why they chose this field, what they do, and how they like their work.
  2. Volunteer in a nursing home, doctor's office, hospital, or on a faculty member's research project at a local college or unifersity.
  3. Read more about careers in the health profession you are interested in on the Internet or at your local library.
  4. Read professional magazines and publications in the field that interests you.
  5. Find our what events you can attend in the community and on local community college and university campuses. Some community colleges and universities have organizations for students interested in different health professions. Campus organizations often sponsor lectures, workships, other educational programs, and opportunities to volunteer in a health profession.
  6. Attend meetings of regional, state, or national professional organizations where professionals and students in the field present papers and discusss important issues. Student volunteers are often recruited to help at these meetings in return for free registration. The journals and newlettters of these organizations include calendars of such events.
  7. Get more informatino from government agencies such as the Health Resources and Services Administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services which publish a variety of interesting profiles and other information about health careers.
  8. Write or call some of the national professional organizations.
  9. Take an introductory course in the field that interests you.
  10. Contact your local Area Health Education Center to get more information on different health careers.