Consortium for Clinical Education and Practice

Core Orientation 

Follow the link at the end of the video to get to the evaluation.  Follow the directions at the end of the evaluation and quiz in order to access the certificate.

Links that are presented during the video:
Links to additional material will appear for 6 seconds at the appropriate time during the video. The links will appear as either a black box in the upper-right portion of the video screen or below the video screen depending on your device. When you click a link in the video, the video will pause and the resource will open in a new window in your browser.  When you have finished reviewing the linked resource, you may close that tab to return to the video page and press the play button to continue.

A list of these links to additional material is also provided in a single pdf document that you may download here.
Information from these additional materials may be included in the test questions.

Note:  Once you have started viewing, hover over the video to see the control bar. 
The volume and full screen controls will be visible at the bottom right of the video frame.